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Immediate Friends – The Power of Children and Fun

As we get older, making new friends can be hard.  We become fixed in our ways, we think we know who we are and who is worth our time, and we actively try to avoid the pain of our past.  Children are different.  Like raindrops rolling down an umbrella, bad experiences are easily forgotten in… Continue reading Immediate Friends – The Power of Children and Fun

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Advocacy Quilting: A Labor of Love by CPI’s Beneficiaries

Mama Caleb and Mama Faith unfurled a blanket in the shade of a tree and got to work on the quilt. The two women sat in silence for three hours while they meticulously beaded cloth swaths with impressive dexterity. “What is motivating me to make the quilt is this program and what it has done for my family,” Mama Faith said emotionally.

Beneficiary Profiles, Social Transformation

Dad, Meet My Pokot Friend: A Story of Friendship Made at Peace Camp

Lotit had traveled from his Samburu village to visit his daughter, Chebet, who was two days into CPI Kenya’s Peace Camp. When Chebet found her father leaning against his bike outside, she ran to him and started leading him by the hand towards the classroom. “I want you to meet my Pokot friend!” she exclaimed with elation.