Meet Rachel

Rachel Wilson

2016 In-Person Peace Fellow

Rachel is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and a minor in Political Science and completed her Master’s in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at Arcadia University in Philadelphia. As an undergrad she traveled to Uganda and worked in a school and clinic conducting research on stigma related to orphans on HIV/AIDS and went on after graduating to become a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya, where she worked in the public health sector facilitating group work, teaching life skills classes, and providing assistance to local medical clinics. After Peace Corps, Rachel volunteered at an orphanage in Kenya for several months before working for a short time in foster care in Illinois. After her fellowship, Rachel wrote: “working as a Peace Fellow in Kenya was a very unique experience that not only helped me develop different professional skills but also changed my personal views on development work and the importance of local answers for local problems.”

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“Some people may associate a better quality of life with more wealth, however for these Samburu and Pokot families a better life is not about what you have but what you give.”

— Rachel Wilson