Meet Julia

Julia Holladay

2022 In-Person Peace Fellow

During her fellowship, Julia was a graduate student at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs pursuing a Master of Arts in International Affairs with a concentration in development and global gender policy. Her interests lie primarily at the intersection of migration, climate change, and humanitarian action. Prior to her fellowship with the CPI, Julia was a Climate Displacement intern at Refugees International where she executed research for the Climate Displacement Program, and wrote blogs and policy briefs connecting migration and climate change and awareness around gender-based violence perpetrated against Eritrean women refugees in Tigray. As a Peace Fellow, Julia supported the development of two startups: the women’s entrepreneur network and the fora camp.

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 “Instead of taking pastoralists out of their environments to discuss peace, CPI Kenya brings the peace-building to them. People can begin to see the humanity they share with someone from a different tribe and be exposed to that person’s environment.”

— Julia Holladay