In the last six years, CPI Kenya has executed over 98 inter community peace activities with school children and their parents among 8 ethnic pastoralist communities in the counties of Marsabit, Samburu and Baringo covering 5 major conflict zones. We worked directly with 30 schools with a total population of 18, 200 children out of which 10, 855 directly participated in our Children Peace Building project. In addition, approximately 2500 Parents were directly involved in the program across the communities reached by the project.

The impact of the programs across all the targeted communities  is the  significant reduction in the rate of violence between these communities. Ethnic motivated raids and counter raids that characterized these communities have ceased in the last six years.  This is seen especially between Pokot and Samburu of Baringo and Samburu County, Gabra, Rendile and Samburu and also Gabra, Turkana and El-molo in Marsabit County.