In the past six years, CPI Kenya has executed over 100 inter-community peace activities with school children and their parents among 8 ethnic communities in Marsabit, Samburu, and Baringo Counties, covering 5 major conflict zones. We have worked directly with over 30 schools with a total population of 18,200 children, out of which 10,855 directly participated in our Children Peace Building program. Additionally, approximately 2,500 parents have been directly involved in the program across the communities.

The impact of the programs has transformed the communities. Since CPI Kenya began their peacebuilding work in 2012, there have been ZERO deaths and ZERO violent clashes between the communities we worked with. These include the Pokot and Samburu tribes of Baringo and Samburu Counties, the Rendille and Garba tribes of Marsabit County, and the Turkana and Garba tribes of Marsabit County. To date, this is the longest recorded peace in the history of these tribes.

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Weina Lekistasheron, a Samburu woman who has a shared Heifer for Peace with her Pokot friends, the Namary’s, proudly displays the calabash the Namary’s gifted to her