Fora Camp Startup

Fora camp is a creation of CPI Kenya Executive Director, Hilary Bukuno. A “fora” is a place where pastoralist herders bring their cows to graze. CPI Kenya builds on our model of peace-building that brings peace activities to communities by hosting peace programs with warriors and herders where the conflict happens.

At fora camps, warriors, herders, and community leaders like chiefs and elders eat meals and stay the night together learning to see each others’ shared humanity. On the second day, Hilary facilitates discussions with participants about how they can share pastureland to adapt to climate change and encourage peace. By sharing pastureland, herders can access natural resources like water and grass that have become few and far between with the changing climate.

A camp is held at a fora in each opposing tribe so that herders and warriors are both exposed to each other’s life.