Donate – Be a part of CPI Kenya’s Peace Building Initiative

Want to help bring peace to Northern Kenya? Donate today to CPI Kenya!

Every dollar donated will go directly into purchasing 50 heifers to be shared by 100 Pokot and Samburu families. Sharing of the heifers creates economic interdependence among the two tribes which in turn creates sustainable peace.

Remember, donating is tax deductible!

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Malatu (left) and Losuke (right): in 2010 their son’s attended CPI Kenya’s Peace Camp, and became Friends for Peace. After 5 years of friendship and growth, they received a shared Heifer for Peace in 2015. Since then, the heifer has given birth and is pregnant again! In 2010 these men were at war and would have killed each other had they met on the battlefield; today they call themselves brothers.