Conflict Resolution, Social Transformation

CPI Kenya + Interactions for Peace = Peace Patrol Program

  Peace is a major component that is fundamental for the growth and development of a society.  Without peace, the human race cannot exist cohesively and the world would be in a state of anarchy.  Peace was the main objective in the formation of the United Nations in 1945 right after the conclusion of the… Continue reading CPI Kenya + Interactions for Peace = Peace Patrol Program

Conflict Resolution

Baragoi Still Suffers the Effects of 21 Years of Conflict

People in Baragoi live in constant fear of the unknown. They can’t develop their land or construct a descent, permanent shelter for fear of displacement. Many families still live in semi-permanent homes. In Baragoi, conflict has also had extreme effects on business.

Conflict Resolution, Social Transformation

From Animosity to Peace: Reflecting on the Transformation of Longewan Village in Samburu County

When I first set foot in Samburu County, I noticed that Longewan village was green and beautiful, but there seemed to hang a heavy cloud of fear and uncertainty. This was evident in the high concentration of manyattas (local name for a pastoralist hut) in one area and the unutilized surrounding land.