A Word From the Director


Thank you for taking time to visit our website.

Children Peace Initiative Kenya was founded in 2011 to address perennial conflict among the pastoralist communities.

For several generations, pastoralist communities in Kenya have been involved in protracted inter-tribal conflict.  Several stakeholders have attempted various interventions to address this challenge, targeting actors such as elders and warriors. Although children are directly affected by conflict, they historically have not been engaged in an active role.  That is why Children Peace Initiative Kenya chooses to work with children as bridges of peace in their communities to combat and resolve inter-tribal conflict.

Over the last seven years, our organization has actively and directly engaged children in reconciling pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya and parts of the Rift Valley.

We have used the innovative approach of building friendships between the children of different communities. Through the children, we have brought together families and communities that have been feuding for years. Pastoralist societies are transformed through the building of relations and trust that promotes inter-community trade, stimulates markets, and encourages the communities to share resources such as grazing space, water sources, and government services. This model is increasing exposure, communications, and interactions between tribes that were previously alienated due to ethnic and tribal animosity. The result is a remarkable reduction in the rate of violence, raids, rustling, and fatalities.

Currently, we are working with six pastoralist communities in Baringo, Samburu and Marsabit Counties in Kenya. We have implemented more than 97 peace activities with children and their parents with support from our partners. We have impacted over 250,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries since 2011.

CPI Kenya is also working with children in Nairobi and Kajiado Counties in our educational Interactions for Peace program that molds children into life-long problem solvers. As we move forward, CPI Kenya envisions working with these children in governance and livelihoods to create an impact in their development to becoming holistic members of their communities.

I invite you to browse our website to learn more about our organization and how you can take part in our success as a partner, a volunteer or a donor.

Karibu sana CPI Kenya!

Hilary Halkano Bukuno

Executive Director