About Us

We work with children today, to build a peaceful tomorrow

Children Peace Initiative (CPI) Kenya envisions a peaceful and diverse society co-existing in harmony for social and economic development. We build bridges among children and families of neighboring pastoralist communities in Kenya by creating opportunities and capacities for them to engage in peace processes. We currently work in Nairobi, Samburu, Baringo, Marsabit, and Isiolo.

CPI builds cooperation between pastoralists, which reduces the need to resort to violence and also increases resiliency to drought and climate change. The model has been tested out over ten years of working with the Pokot and Samburu tribes and is now extending to a broader area.

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Our Previous Fellows

CPI has been lucky to have the support of our Peace Fellows to help make our goals a realty. Since 2016, we have had a fellow every year, either remote or in-person and are always looking for new volunteers!

Our Team

CPI is led by Hilary Bukano (Director), Monica Kinyua (Deputy Director), and Jane Kinyua (Program Manager).

Our Impact

CPI’s work has reached about 250,000 beneficiaries and over 1,200 children per year. Our work with women led startups has also helped lead to peace and create sustainable livelihoods for the women.

Our Programs

CPI continues to regularly hold peace camps while also extending their reach to work with women and warriors.